Thai Paper Mill Co.,Ltd manufactures high quality Kraft liner, Corrugating medium paper, Sheet board and Boxes, with the high-tech machinery. The annual production capacity was 18,000 tons of Kraft liner, 230 million square foot of Sheet board and 9 million Cartons.

     The production quality has been developed continuously through the introduction of new technology. With this new advanced machinery, we can now manufacture 120,000 tons of Kraft liner, 800 million square foot of Sheet board and 30 million Cartons per annum. Our goal is to produce 144,000 tons of Kraft liner per annum including quality Sheet board and Boxes with the prompt delivery service and best price for the highest level of customer satisfaction in accordance with the company’s main policy.

     We are the first local integrated manufacturer of Kraft paper accredited with the demanding ISO 9001:2000 certificated in 2002 and ISO 14001 : 2004 in 2009 from Bureau Veritas Quality International(BVQI). However we still grow and develop steadily, while the marketing strategy has also continuously expanded. In response to the increasing demand for its range of high quality products, TPM has install the latest manufacturing technology, such as 4-color printers, from Germany, Taiwan, Japan, Switzerland and USA to ensure the finest quality at each stage of the production process. Quality control is provided by professional technicians who closely monitor each production stage to maintain the highest quality standard. Furthermore, we are aware of the environment conservation such as taking all used cartons to be in order to be beneficial to the industrial development of the country as a whole