Kraft Paper

We have a variety of high quality test liner and medium paper from 125 gsm to 230 gsm. From natural brown to white, our test liner paper is manufactured from high quality 100% virgin pulp and recycled paper.

Corrugated paperboard

We offer corrugated board and carton box, single wall and double wall. With state-of-the-art printing technology your products will standout with our carton box.

MG Paper

MG or machine glazed paper comes in both bleached (white) and unbleached (brown) All of our MG paper is produced using 100% virgin pulp. Our machine glazed paper can accommodate numerous end applications from interleaving paper, wrapping, one-time-carbon (OTC), laminate material, and printing writing. Our MG paper stats from as thin as 10GSM up to 80GSM.

Non wood paper

Only non-wood materials, such as bagasse and palm pulps, are used in manufacturing of our premium non-wood MG paper. The result is a very fine and smooth texture with a hint of signature palm pulp imprinted in the MG paper. Customers can choose from 100% bagasse or 100% palm or mixed. Our non-wood paper is the testament of our responsibility to the society.

Face paper (Liner)

Special paper